New Way of Working (NWOW)New Way of Working (NWOW)

  • The Federal Police continues to follow the philosophy of New Way of Working (NWOW) based on mobile work/collaboration, with the motto "any place, any time, any device".
  • The rollout of Windows 10, Office 365 and Portal Lite has laid the foundation for a flexible digital working environment.
  • The Teams online collaboration tool is increasingly used and working from home is gaining popularity.

Windows and Office 365, the foundations of NWOW

Thanks to the partnership with Microsoft and the rollout of Windows 10 and Office 365, the police has built up an extensive digital network. Office 365 applications provide police staff with a flexible digital work environment. Improving the protection of systems was a major concern in this transition.

The Federal and Local Police have a total of 52 642 Microsoft Office 365 licences, making the Integrated Police the largest Microsoft customer in Belgium.

During the year, the Directorate of Police Information and ICT Resources (DRI) continued the first phase of the migration to Windows 10, i.e. the implementation of the necessary infrastructure within the police units to enable the transition to Windows 10.

At the same time, a considerable effort was invested in training and knowledge transfer to the "system managers" and "technical managers" through the provision of online documentation and the organisation of several information sessions so that they would have all the necessary knowledge to carry out the second phase of the operation, i.e. the migration of individual PCs to Windows 10.

Some significant figures:

  • Federal Police entities migrated to Windows 10: 67
    • Number of computers: 6 036 (out of approximately 6 500)
  • Local Police zones migrated to Windows 10: 141
    • Number of computers: 9 754 (out of approximately 20 000)

The second phase of migration continued in early 2020.

Multi-factor authentication, an additional protection

The protection of the digital work environment is an ongoing concern. In 2019, the introduction of multi-factor authentication (MFA), among other things, strengthened this protection. This is all the more important in the context of mobile work. The use of MFA has evolved enormously. In 2019, MFA was activated in the Microsoft environment of 34 995 people.

Online collaboration and sharing with Teams and Yammer

With Microsoft Teams, it is possible to create, share and work together as a team. This application is available on PC, tablet and smartphone.

Some significant figures:

  • 52 000 users have access;
  • 25 570 active users at the end of 2019 (compared to 8 000 at the beginning of January 2019);
  • 9 578 active groups within the Integrated Police;
  • Approximately 50 % of users are active on their mobile phones. The Belgian police is also the world's leading public institution in terms of the use of the mobile version of Teams.

In February 2019, there were approximately 300 voice/video communications within the Integrated Police. By the end of 2019, this figure had been multiplied by five! Over the whole year, there were approximately 13 700 voice/video communications and some 1 700 000 messages (all messages combined).

Teams is therefore clearly on the rise, as are most of the tools in the Office 365 suite.


Yammer is a social media that last year enabled an average of 12 535 police officers to exchange messages and experiences every day in a quick and informal way. This represents 34.56 % of the 36 267 Yammer users within the Integrated Police.

The following figures say a lot about the activity in this forum: in one year, 102 500 messages were "liked", 102 026 messages were posted and 13 500 000 messages were read. However, we see a stagnation in the use of this corporate social network.

WiKiPol online knowledge platform in the starting blocks

2019 was the year WiKiPol was launched. This site aims to make a wide range of knowledge available to the staff of the Integrated Police in a clear and user-friendly way. WiKiPol forms a triptych with PolNews (the internal information channel) and PolDoc (which compiles internal and public reference documents).

This knowledge platform is organised thematically. The themes that were developed and offered to the entire Integrated Police in 2019 are the following: legislation (including Infolegis with an overview of new legislation), statutory texts, police procedures, well-being at work, human resources and the provision of support. WiKiPol is continuously updated and expanded. In addition, parts of WiKiPol can be modulated to fit a district or police zone.

This initiative aims to ensure that staff members, both in the office and in the field, have access at all times to correct and up-to-date information to carry out their daily work.


success story

Road shows and NWOW ambassadors show the way!

The Directorate of Police Information and ICT Resources (DRI) organised 15 road shows between April and September 2019, including one per district and various road shows for the centralised directorates. These road shows are a means of promoting and explaining the various applications available in the Office 365 suite (Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, Stream, etc.).

Each road show took place in two parts: a strategic part for Heads of Local Police Corps, directors and managers, and a more pragmatic part for ambassadors of the New Way of Working Digital, data officers and technical managers.

The network of NWOW.Digital ambassadors was also created at the beginning of 2018 within the Integrated Police. The ambassadors have diverse professional backgrounds and are people who are interested in these new technologies, use them and encourage their use within their departments.

At the end of 2019, the network had 937 NWOW digital ambassadors.

Réception pensionnés

Working from home or a satellite office

The Federal Police intends to be a more flexible employer towards its staff. The latter have the possibility to work occasionally at home or in a satellite office. Enabling staff to carry out office tasks at home, closer to home or in the context of a specific mission at a different location, guarantees them more flexible working conditions and they appreciate this opportunity. On home working days, they do not have to spend time on commuting, which can be very long.

In 2019, all staff members worked a total of 149 553 hours at home or in a satellite office (compared to 133 105 hours in 2018). This represents 0.64 % of the total number of hours worked, or 23 525 678 hours (a slight increase from 2018).

Those who do not wish/cannot work from home have the option of using satellite offices. On the whole Belgian territory, police staff have 25 satellite offices within the infrastructure of the Federal Police or the Local Police.