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  • Every year, the Federal Police provides police officers in the field with equipment and material. We have spent 5 017 216 euros on weapons, of which 431 730 euros (9 %) went to the Local Police, and 13 785 018 euros on equipment, of which 6 160 995 euros (45 %) went to the Local Police.
  • The Federal Police presents the new unisex, two-tone parka and a softshell jacket. Both are unique in their kind.
  • Thanks to Logispol, Federal Police logistics staff now have a complete and accurate overview of the equipment in stock and, at the same time, of the budget still available.


This total of 2019 cannot be compared to the total in previous years since the purchase of 80 vehicles was made possible by allocating an exceptional budget, like for the Directorate of Infrastructure Security (DAB) and IDP-Terro. Heavy-duty and hybrid vehicles are already included in the anonymous vehicles or those with police striping and therefore do not constitute a specific category to be taken into account when calculating the total.

Vehicles purchased 2019
Anonymous vehicles 82
Vehicles with police logo 142
  • assistance and patrol vehicles directly allocated to police zones
    from the budget Road Safety Fund
  • vehicles from special DAB budget … non-recurring
  • vehicles from IDP-Terro budget … non-recurring
Heavy-duty vehicles (>3.5 tonnes, i.e. buses, armoured vehicles, water cannons, etc.) 3
Hybrid vehicles 26
Total 224

* One-off action in 2018 in favour of the Local Police

Federal Police service vehicles 2018 2019
Anonymous vehicles (excluding Security Corps) 2 258 2 285
Vehicles with police logo 1 151 1 172
  • Heavy-duty vehicles
86 93
Total* 3 495 3 457

* Do NOT add the three numbers together to get the total number of vehicles. Heavy-duty vehicles (e.g. 93 for 2019) are already included in the anonymous vehicles or those with police striping.


Weapons and ammunition

Purchases of weapons and ammunition* Quantity Amount
  2018 2019 2018 2019
Individual weapons 113 430 / € 200 108
Ammunition / 6 699 000
€ 747 794 € 1 134 810
Grenades / / / € 107 755
Tear gas / / € 75 796 /
Cougar launchers / / / € 110 533
Batons + accessories 1 407 646 € 142 350 € 72 036
Pepper spray + accessories 2 971 1 112 € 45 748 € 22 797
Accessories / / € 150 444 /

* Excluding: Special Units (DSU) and National Police Academy (ANPA)

In 2019, the Federal Police purchased 249 new collective weapons and 5 red guns for a total amount of 1 108 331 euros.


The two-tone parkas, a novelty in the basic equipment

In 2019, the Federal Police presented the new unisex, two-tone parka and a softshell jacket. Both are unique in their kind and will be available from 2020.

The two-tone garment is part of an innovative concept combining fluorescent orange with insignia blue. This concept has been patented and developed exclusively for the Belgian police services. The design of the reflective elements reproduces in an asymmetrical way the particular lines of the police striping. These two pieces of basic equipment make police officers more recognisable during their intervention missions and unify the police landscape for the citizens.

Tweekleurige parka

Functional equipment: new items in the catalogue

With regard to functional equipment, several contracts have been awarded:

  • equipment for law enforcement (negotiated management of public space);
  • discrete bulletproof vests;
  • visible bulletproof vests;
  • Maritime and River Police outfit.

success story

Launch of the new unique logistics system "Logispol"

Logispol means "Logistics Information System for the Police". The advantages of this system are undeniable: it will provide a very clear overview of products and budget, save time in the warehouse − where manual counts will be a thing of the past − and avoid stock shortages. Logisticians will thus have a professional system at their disposal, enabling them to better meet deadlines and serve customers more quickly. The Federal Police and the Local Police have almost 1 000 and 400 regular users of Logispol respectively.

The warehouse of the Directorate of Logistics in Uccle has been completely reorganised in line with Logispol's vision; the organisation now has a modern equipment centre enabling deliveries to be made more quickly and easily.

A few key figures about Logispol since its launch in March 2019:

  • Number of orders placed in the logistics chain: 79 893 for a total amount of 8 million euros (561 000 individual parts ordered and 75 000 other orders);
  • Number of work orders completed (maintenance/repairs): 13 668.

Security notices

The Logistics Directorate (DRL) of the Federal Police issues security notices and carries out audits in terms of infrastructure, standards for certain equipment or identity or identification documents.

2018 2019
Files for the Federal Police 76 44
Files for the Local Police 19 15
Management of police legitimation and identification cards 2 529 2 198
  • for the Federal Police
892 742
  • for the Local Police
1 637 1 445
passport photographs taken* / 27 270
  • for the Federal Police
/ 9 948
  • for the Local Police
/ 17 322

* The increase in the number of photos taken compared to 2018 is due to the future renewal of legitimation and identification cards, which requires taking photos of all Integrated Police staff.

The following trends show that the Federal Police is paying increasing attention to environmental and sustainability aspects when defining its requirements in the specifications of material requests (purchase files):

  • DRL has integrated, wherever possible, requirements for certificates attesting that the supplier complies with environmental and sustainable practices in the production of its articles;
  • This directorate has also endeavoured to seek the opinion of customers on the items concerned before definitively closing their purchase files. The Directorate of Logistics thus