Negotiated management of public spaceNegotiated management of public space

  • The specialised support provided by the Directorate of Public Security (DAS) of the Federal Police, such as mounted police, video teams or water cannons, increased slightly again in 2019.
  • The commitment of these specialised resources remains a serious asset in terms of public safety.
  • Temporary fixed cameras are increasingly in demand by the partners of the Integrated Police.

Reinforcements to Local Police zones

In addition to the usual public order missions for football matches and festivals (Tomorrowland, Rock Werchter, Pukkelpolp, Graspop, Francofolies, Dour, etc.) the police were also involved in the start of the Tour de France and the commemorations of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge.

To manage these different events, a Local Police zone can request non-specialised reinforcements from:

  • other Local Police zones: in police language, this is called HyCap, which stands for capacité hypothéquée/gehypothekeerde capaciteit;
  • the Federal Police, through the Intervention Corps (CIK) of the decentralised Coordination and Support Directorates and the Directorate of Public Security (DAS) which together constitute the Federal Intervention Reserve.

In 2019, 50 % of reinforcements for police zones were provided by other police zones (51 % in 2018) and 50 % by the Federal Police (49 % in 2018).


Managing the unforeseeable: support for public safety

The Directorate of Public Security (DAS) provides specialised support to police zones to prevent or resolve violent and/or potentially dangerous situations in terms of public safety. To this end, the directorate can deploy mounted police, water cannons, video teams to spot and identify troublemakers, and even lock-on teams to detach demonstrators who attach themselves to rails or buildings, for example.

Both specialised and non-specialised support provided by DAS required the deployment of 478 staff members (compared to 2018 last year) for all these missions.

Deployment of resources

Federal reserve for interventions in case of unforeseen events
Federal reserve for interventions in case of unforeseen events : 280 312 heures (+1,77 %)
Hours worked
Mounted police public order missions
Mounted police public order missions : 58 769 Hours (+1,38 %)
Heures prestées
Video team
Hours worked 4 992 Hours (+36 %)
Hours worked
Missions: 136 (+30 %)
Water cannons
Hours worked 18 176 Hours (-9,46 %)
Hours worked
Missions 669 (+1,5 %)
Fixed temporary cameras (ARGOS)
Hours worked 4 796 Hours (+70,5 %)
Hours worked
Missions 58 (+21 %)

Succes story

Growing success for temporary fixed cameras!

Since they were put into operation for the first time in 2018, the temporary fixed cameras have been in constant demand throughout the Kingdom by our partners of the Integrated Police since 2019. Renamed ARGOS, from the name of this Greek giant with a hundred eyes spread over the head and body, this technical support has proven its added value and effectiveness. This is reflected in the many expressions of satisfaction received at the end of the commitments of DAS, for example at the 24 heures de Louvain-la-Neuve, at the Libramont Agricultural Fair, during the commemorations of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge in Bastogne, at the Rock Werchter Festival or during the Sluitingsprijs cyclocross in Malle.

Growing success for temporary fixed cameras!

BePad: sharing information for the sake of public order

BePad is a computer application for managing events, individuals, groups and phenomena being (possibly) of importance for or representing a (potential) danger to public order (public security, peace, health and public cleanliness). In 2019, a new version of this database for the administrative police was launched.

BePad centralises all administrative information of the Federal Police and the Local Police and makes it available for everyone. The aim is that all users work with one and the same programme, so that the information is entered, managed and shared in an identical manner. That way, double entries can be avoided. In principle, all police officers have access to this application.

  2018 2019
New created events 47 536 46 166
Total number of events 151 036 197 202

Succes story

Belgian police face the New Way of Protesting

A new type of protest events organised in the first half of 2019 has undoubtedly marked the social, political and police domains. These are, on the one hand, the "Yellow Vests" movement and, on the other hand, the Climate Marches and Climate Thursdays, considered as two movements that are part of a New Way of Protesting. These movements, although they upset the societal field and break with the usual codes of event management, were controlled by the police forces, which managed to be present over time, but also in a decentralised manner and by applying the reference framework of negotiated management of the public space (de-escalation, pacification), in order to avoid confrontation and riots as much as possible.

The helicopter, an asset in the air

Air support is also used for public order missions. From above, valuable information is transmitted in real time to the ground teams.

  2018 2019
Missions Numbers Hours worked Numbers Hours worked
Soccer 56 157 56 134
Mass events (festivals...) 64 114 58 127
Support to fire brigades and the Civil Protection in the event of disaster (fire...) 28 19 10 11
Demonstrations 35 62 36 60
VIP protection (European summits...) 65 113 40 56
The helicopter, an asset in the air